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Teacher accused of inappropriately touching, messaging student to ‘send nudes’ indicted

STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. — The Georgia teacher accused of sending a student a Snapchat message asking for him to “send nudes” has been indicted on multiple sex charges, officials say.

A Grand Jury formally charged 24-year-old Ryan Harvey, a former teacher at Woodland High School, with one county of sexual assault of a student, one charge of aggravated child molestation, two counts of sexual battery against a child under the age of 16 and three counts of electronically furnishing obscene material to minors.

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The indictment follows an investigation which revealed Harvey, an orchestra teacher, had inappropriate contact with the student.

Back in December 2017, the student’s mother registered a complaint with the school about Harvey’s communication with her son. An officer met with the mother and student at their home where they conducted a detailed interview about each interaction the teacher both had and attempted to have with the student.

The student stated that in September his orchestra teacher, identified as Harvey, said to him, “You’re the only 15-year-old that I would **** with.” The student thought the comment was odd but initially dismissed it, the report said.

Police also stated that the student admitted to being friends with Harvey on Snapchat and that Harvey would send him pictures from time to time, doing ordinary things such as driving. However, from the beginning of October 2017, the student began receiving pictures from Harvey that only displayed a black screen with a blue heart emoji captioning, “Send Nudes.”

The picture was immediately followed by a comment from Harvey stating, “That wasn’t for you.” But shortly after, the student received the same black screen and blue heart emoji with the caption, “Send Nudes” but this time, Harvey followed that picture with a message stating, “That WAS for you.”

In early October 2017, Harvey would suggest to him that he should stay after school to “do the thing.” When asked to clarify what he meant, Harvey would reply with, “You know, the thing.”

Harvey allegedly continued the inappropriate communication and, on at least one occasion, inappropriate touching into November. After that, the student sent an anonymous email to both the principal and a school resources officer about the inappropriate advances, and a search warrant was taken out on Harvey.

Harvey was put on administrative leave and then resigned from his position with the school system. On Jan. 4, 2018, he was arrested for multiple counts including sexual battery, child molestation and enticing a minor for indecent purposes.

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